Casino Hold'em


A slick looking table game from NetEnt, which is basically a mixture of Texas Hold’Em and Video Poker.

About the game/winnings:

Casino Hold’Em is primarily based upon the standard format of Texas Hold’Em but as the game progresses you will focus on increasing your winnings by playing the highest poker hands and not just beating the dealer.

As a reminder the strongest hand is a Royal Flush followed by;

Straight Flush

Four Of A Kind

Full House


Straight Or Less (Two Pair, Pair)

We’d recommend only playing this game if you have previous experience or knowledge of poker.

About the developer:

Net Entertainment aka NetEnt always do a great job with table games.  Their version of Casino Hold’Em is no exception. Its well-designed, simple and overall a brilliant game. In our opinion you can’t go wrong with a NetEnt game.


This is a very appealing poker variant and as mentioned above if you have previous experience or knowledge of poker then this game by Netent is for you!  The table play looks very good with a nice slick design and elegant feel.